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led lighting for Schools

Installing low energy LED lighting into schools reduces the energy usage, reduces carbon emissions and therefore reduces the schools electricity costs.

Investing in a new lighting system for your school will make both environmental and financial sense.

No capital up-front costs are required, as the cost of the new lighting system can be purchased with a Carbon Trust loan which is designed to be paid back from the savings the school will gain on its energy bills.

Schools can expect to;

  • Save between 50% and 90% of their existing lighting costs
  • Reduce their carbon emissions from day one
  • Invest in the latest flicker-free LED lighting system that can improve the learning environment
  • Cheaper electricity bills
  • Longer lasting lights (which are ideal for difficult places to access) reduces re-lamping and maintenance costs
  • An opportunity for the school to link green technologies with learning opportunities
  • To find out what your school can save contact us today to arrange your free on site survey.

    led lighting in schools

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