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It is important for all retailers to have high quality lighting, but it can be expensive to keep shops well lit with their long opening hours.

LED lighting is an integral part of a business strategy for any successful retail store.

LED lighting systems generate high quality, fully controllable lighting that is perfect for retail spaces, while at the same time reducing electricity consumption.

Installing LED lighting not only helps your retail store cut down on its lighting but also its air conditioning costs. LED lighting is a cost effective way to reduce your carbon footprint as your energy consumption is reduced as LED lights are much more efficient than traditional lighting.

Installing LED lighting not only reduces environmental impact but cost savings can improve profitability of a retail operation.

A new LED low energy lighting system can be purchased with a Carbon Trust loan which is designed to be paid back via the savings made on your energy bills, therefore your new lighting system can be self financing with no capital outlay and once the loan is paid off you continue to make substantial savings.

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