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Commercial led lighting

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Commercial led lighting

LED Lighting can bring massive savings to commercial properties and in a typical business environment LED lamps can last up to 10 years.

LED lighting is a very efficient modern alternative installing LED lighting in your business has many benefits, such as reduction in electricity, 100% instant light output and with an average operational life span of 60,000 hours which reduces re-lamping and maintenance.

The first area you should look at to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint is old inefficient lighting in your premises such as T8 Fluorescents tubes. If your business premises are large with a lot of old lighting, then your savings on electricity could be very substantial.

A new LED low energy lighting system can be purchased with a Carbon Trust loan which is designed to be paid back via the savings made on your energy bills, therefore your new lighting system for your business can be self financing with no capital outlay and once the loan is paid off you continue to make substantial savings.

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