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About US

About US

Map Group (uk) is a multi-functional organisation employing a wide range of highly skilled and qualified personnel, to meet the high standards set by industry, at the same time considering our environmental responsibilities. Since we formed in 1993 we remain grounded in its core values that set Map Group (uk) apart from its competition.

Map Group (uk) offer energy reduction solutions with LED lighting and other low carbon technologies.

Our focus is to offer a full turn key solution which looks at every aspect of your energy usage including your lighting, in order to determine the very best methods of saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Map Group (uk) have partnered up with southern based company Elite Energy, who will assist Map with operations and sales within the south of England.

As a LED installer we offer specialist design, supply and installation of LED lighting for commercial, industrial and home. LED lighting is a very efficient modern alternative which has many benefits, such as reduction in electricity, 100% instant light output and with an average operational life span of 60,000 hours which reduces re-lamping and maintenance.

The first area you should look at to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint is old lighting in your premises. If your premises are large with a lot of old inefficient lighting, then your savings on electricity could be very substantial.

We are qualified to apply for Carbon Trust leases on behalf of our clients. A new LED low energy lighting system can be purchased with a Carbon Trust lease which is designed to be paid back via the savings made on your energy bills, therefore your new lighting system can be self financing with no capital outlay and once the loan is paid off you continue to make substantial savings.

Additionally most of the equipment we supply is eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances meaning 100% of the tax element of the equipments purchase price can be written off against your profits in year one.

We will access any funding opportunities that are available on your behalf making the decision to invest in a green energy solution as profitable as possible for your organisation.

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